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Como programar mensajes en whatsapp web

You can easily schedule WhatsApp messages on the WhatsApp web using the Blueticks extension for Google Chrome.


Whatsapp scheduler for WhatsApp web on chrome

1. Install Blueticks from Chrome Web Store.


2. Now, open up WhatsApp Web on the Google Chrome browser.


Whatsapp scheduler for WhatsApp web

3. Select & open a chat, contact, or group that you want to schedule a message on WhatsApp.


4. Click the icon next to the message box. This will open the WhatsApp Message Scheduler window.


5. Write the WhatsApp message you want to send to that recipient.


6. Select the date and time the message will be sent.


7. Select ‘Schedule Send’.


Now let’s see how business users can schedule WhatsApp messages.


Business users can schedule WhatsApp messages based on two conditions-

1. Schedule WhatsApp messages according to date and time

2. Schedule WhatsApp messages according to action taken by a user for your services


How To Schedule WhatsApp messages on the Business App?

1. Open the WhatsApp Business app on your android or iPhone.


2. Tap & go to the ‘Settings’. Select ‘Business Tools’.


3. Tap & choose ‘Select Away Message’. Turn the toggle on ‘Send away message’.


4. Type in the WhatsApp message in the text field.


5. Toggle on ‘Send Away Message on Whatsapp Business’. Choose ‘Only Send to in the Recipients’.


6. Now, tap ‘Schedule’.


You can pick a custom schedule based on the working hours of your business.


This is how you can schedule an ‘Away’ message according to the time slot.


WhatsApp Business App doesn’t allow you to schedule messages on WhatsApp based on the conditions that are important to your business.


E.g.– You may want to schedule a WhatsApp welcome message when a user joins your platform. Or, a WhatsApp reminder when someone forgets to attend the event.


To solve this problem on a large scale, back in 2018 WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp Business API platform so that SMEs & large businesses can directly integrate WhatsApp with their system to communicate with their users on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp API solution allows you to send & schedule WhatsApp messages at a very large scale. You can send WhatsApp messages directly from your CRM or database using WhatsApp APIs.


Let’s understand how to schedule & broadcast WhatsApp messages at scale-

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